About ModelcoinMC Cryptocurrency

This Is How Our Story Began

Since 2009  Facebook, Youtube, instagram, have been getting millions of customers and fans and  now in 2018 there are 1 billion on facebook 800 million on Instagram and aprox 800 on youtube .

this in turn has created Social media stars with 100,000s and millions of followers witch have the power to influence millions of buyers , This is why we created ModelcoinMC cryptocurrency so models and talent could be paid instantly with a world currency that travels around the world in 11 seconds and only costs 2 cents to send  ModelcoinMC is faster better and cheaper than Bitcoin 

 ModelcoinMC will be one of the most popular currencys around the world with thousands of models promoting it to millions of there fans every day . , 

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Meet Our Developers

Sasha Ivanov


Sasha designed the waves blockchain that ModelcoinMC is Based on 

Waves platform


Development team

Sasha and team

Makers of the platform

that ModelcoinMC is based on 

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