Frequently asked questions

How do i join ModelcoinMC Model Directorys

Go to Modelcoin.info and or email us at modelcoinmc@gmail.com and send us your info or picture , also you can join thru our @modelcoinmc instagram or Facebook group btw it is free to Join ,

How do i find Models to promote Products

1 ) Go to www.modelcoin.info and click on Model tab at top of page or click here scroll down and you will find dozens of instagram Directorys were you can message models to promote your products, 2 ) or go the the front page of this site www.modelcoinmc.com and near the Middle there are a dozen lists of Directorys 3 ) Go to Gallary at top right of this sites page 4 ) to see 1200 or more Models click on our Instagram Mainsite here

How do i get ModelcoinMC Cryptocurrency to pay Models , Talent or Business

Go to www.Modelcoin.info and click the tab Join at top of page

  1. it is free to join and you get a free electronic wallet when joining to send or recieve ModelcoinMC currency ,
  2. The ModelcoinMC Cryptocurrency is currently being sold on the www.wavesplatform.com

How much does ModelcoinMC cost

The aproximate average cost is about 1 cent U.S each 100 ModelcoinMC would be about 1 U.S. Dollar the price can fluctuate from a !/4 cent to 2 cents to 5 cents depending on market conditions

My Friend speaks a Different Language how can they learn more about ModelcoinMC Cryptocurrency and Model Directorys

Go to www.modelcoin.info and click ( EN ) in upper right hand corner then go to center of top of the page and click ( translate ) and you can choose from 100 Languages to read Mainsite by , click here to see 2 min How to video

Where can i Learn How to do more modeling and Acting etc

Modelcoin is Has a HOW TO Section on www.modelcoin.info Click Here there are many videos and links to getting started with Videos and Links

How do i join ModelcoinMC Advertising Network

It is Free to Join just email us your facebook and or Instagram link to modelcoinmc@gmail.com and tell us what you plans are for modeling or Business

What is ModelcoinMC

ModelcoinMC is a Electronic Crypto Currency Designed to pay models in 11 seconds any where in World for advertising Photos etc For Businesses on the Models Social Media Sites And ModelcoinMC Is also a Advertising Network For Global Business To Hire Models from the ModelcoinMC Directorys ModelcoinMC is a AD Network To Promote ModelcoinMC Crypto Currency And Models And Business we are not a Model Agency